The biggest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean. Now, do you know which ocean that place the second place under the Pacific Ocean? Yes, the answer is the Atlantic Ocean. With more than 106,460,000 square kilometers of size, this ocean covers 20 percent of Earth’s total surface. But, the interesting thing about this ocean isn’t just that. Below, we have 5 Interesting facts about the atlantic ocean that most people don’t know.

The water in the Atlantic Ocean is always moving. The water current makes it looks like a conveyer belt. The movement is caused by the different condition in many areas within as well as close to this ocean. 

The condition is including the salinity level and temperature. It is following the properties of seawater that always are looking for balance. So, the warm water from the Gulf of Mexico moves towards Antarctica and vice versa. This condition creates the biggest water conveyer belt on Earth.

The next fact in our 5 Interesting facts about the atlantic ocean is the hurricane. Similar to the water affected by the temperature, the air above the Atlantic Ocean is also affected by the temperature in each area. Therefore, it creates many big hurricanes. And, because this ocean boundary is close to the U.S. we can say that most of the biggest hurricanes in the U.S. were born from this ocean.

We have known that global warming affects the ocean greatly. For example, it can increase its acidity level, which makes the animals and plants that live in it, die or can’t live anymore in their habitat. This is also one of the 5 Interesting facts about the atlantic ocean, or maybe it is more to the worrying fact you must know. Fortunately, in December 2018, the researcher found out that there is increasing in great white shark population. It shows that there is a positive result from the environment conservation effort made out by many countries to preserve and restore the condition of the Atlantic Ocean.

This is another 5 Interesting facts about the atlantic ocean. Although we said it has the biggest water conveyer belt on Earth, apparently, the climate change harm the existence of this unique condition. The water in the Arctic Ocean become much warmer and it slows down the movement of the water conveyer belt in the Atlantic Ocean. The solution for this matter is dealing with global warming and restores our Earth condition.

The Atlantic Ocean also has an underwater mountain range. This unique geographical structure is called Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR). the location is starting from the northeast area of Greenland and it goes down to the southwest area of Cape of Good Hope in Africa. The length of this mountain range is more than 16,000 kilometers. And, mostly all the mountains here are submerged.